From Burnout to Bliss: Redefining the Workplace

From Burnout to Bliss: Redefining the Workplace

By Angeline Gillings

Emma sat at her desk, staring at the screen. Her heart raced, and her palms sweated. She knew she needed a break, but deadlines loomed. She loved her job, but it was taking a toll on her. While knowing it was unsustainable, Emma hesitated to share with management but ultimately went ahead. The conversation was tough but fruitful.

Emma regained her spark as her heart soared with gratitude from the positive changes. However, some situations do not work out this well.

In an article titled “Stressed, Sad and Anxious: A Snapshot of the Global Workforce” that appears on the Harvard Business Review website, article author Ryan Pendell writes, “Gallup research from March 2022 found that fewer than one in four U.S. employees felt strongly that their employer cared about their well-being—the lowest percentage in nearly a decade.” 

A holistic workplace prioritizes the employees’ welfare beyond the physical and includes mind, soul, social, career and community well-being.

Here are some initiatives that workplace leaders can consider:

  • Foster a sense of community through team-building activities, social events, and volunteer opportunities to create a sense of purpose. 
  • Create a culture that values and respects people, encouraging open communication and transparency for sharing.
  • Offer wellness programs, gym memberships, and mental health resources. 
  • Provide flexibility in work schedules and remote options where possible.
  • Encourage employees to take breaks and use their vacation time.
  • Offer training, mentorship programs, and career advancement opportunities to support growth and development.

Employees are to be active participants and share honest feedback.

Holistically healthy employees are crucial for organizational success. Leaders must prioritize employee well-being as both a risk and an opportunity.

Business Coach Angeline Gillings, CEO of AMP-G Business Leaders and their teams are supported to be less overwhelmed and stressed. Through a 3- step coaching program, the focus is identifying and clearing bottlenecks along with initiatives to build more engaged and productive teams for improved business success. Both Leaders and their teams feel professionally accomplished and personally fulfilled.

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